Eddie the Eagle


Action / Biography / Comedy / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics 79%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience 85%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 0


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Hugh Jackman as Bronson Peary
Taron Egerton as Eddie Edwards
Christopher Walken as Warren Sharp
Jim Broadbent as BBC Commentator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tony r 10 / 10

Go see it, better than 90 percent of the garbage out there

Saw this movie at an advance screening and Eddie the Eagle was awesome.

The movie did not disappoint at all.

Great insight into the story of Eddie Edwards and the sport of ski jumping.

Very dangerous sport but very beautiful to look at.

The movie had a lot of heart and humor.

Will look forward to this movie making its way on Blu-ray.

I would gladly pay to add it to my collection.

Great visuals as well.

I wish the movie gets the praise it deserves as it really is better than a lot of the trash coming thru movie theaters now.

Reviewed by homer-45872 10 / 10

Must See feel good Movie

With a nice touch of humor you cannot come away from this movie without feeling a sense of accomplishment regardless of the actual outcome. The movie inspires you to reflect on any challenge we may have faced on our own lives and inspires us to actually rethink how we may have handled it or behaved differently. Taron Edgerton played a very believable character giving the audience a real sense at who Eddie Edwards really was and how he lived his youth through perseverance and fortitude by simply not giving up. The film cleverly portrays this very quickly through a brief introduction into Eddies childhood. The story is written well and the story really gives us a sense of who Eddie is and the drive to fulfill a promise to himself. Hugh Jackman brings a humorous side to the film with just enough serious touch that you do not loose sight of the significant effort that was made by Eddie Edwards. I was glad to be invited to a early preview and hope that all who see this film enjoy it as much as I did.

Reviewed by rbeardslee-97817 9 / 10

A Great Movie that left my Wife and I satisfied, inspired and smiling

A very funny, enjoyable and inspiring movie for the whole family.

A human interest film that are rare these days with so many movies that rely on bravado and special effects.

Based on a true story, which proves if you have dreams from a young age that persist you should follow them no matter what the odds are against them and ignore all the doubters that tell you you cannot achieve them.

The human spirit and believing in one's self are very powerful forces.

Eddie is a character that you cannot dislike.

Hugh Jackman's character helps Eddie achieve his dream since Eddie would not be deterred.

Eddie unknowingly helps Hugh Jackman's character out of his funk and he is re-born again.

We highly recommend this film.

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