The Marine


Action / Drama / Thriller

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Manu Bennett as Bennett
John Cena as John Triton
Kelly Carlson as Kate Triton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Deepfried-Egg 1 / 10

More unbelievable than Tranporter 2!

But at least Transporter 2 was fun. Robert Patrick is the only actor worth watching in this film, and even he had some wacky forced lines that made no sense. If you've seen the trailer you've seen it all. I'm so serious! I've seen every B movie out there and this is a C for sure! Also being a Marine, I was at first blown away by how pathetic the "Marine" background footage was that they gave Cena. But about 1/3 of the way through this poor excuse for an action film, I was very happy that they had him wear a camouflage Army cover (hat for you non-military types) instead of a cornered Marine issue cover when he saluted that officer because neither he nor his character deserved to wear a Marine uniform. By the way, a high ranking officer would never salute a Sgt. first. It's always the other way around! Apparently there were no real Marine advisers on this movie set. Even if they had all the Marine details in order, the action was extremely stupid and I was left severely disappointed. Neither Cena nor Cena's character in this movie deserve to be called The Marine. One last thing. I've seen some people say the action is so realistic in this film. That is the furthest thing from the truth. I saw at least 300 bullets (I'm not exaggerating either) unloaded into the car Cena was driving during a chase and not a single flat tire as a result. Need I say more!?!

Reviewed by dmstarkey-1 1 / 10

Horrible and Stupid! The worst movie I can remember viewing

Absolutely the worst piece of crap my brother and I have seen. The movie looked to be an interesting action movie early on, but became totally unbelievable and stupid as the movie progressed. It simply insults the intelligence of the viewer! People in the audience were laughing at how dumb, and I mean dumb, this movie was. The acting was horrible. The plot, what plot? The "marine" was indestructible. The bad guys fought among themselves and acted like a bunch of morons. After intense fighting scenes, the characters didn't have scratches or torn clothing. Everything was predictable. I honestly can not recall seeing a movie as bad as this one. The producer of this movie should be ashamed! Absolutely do not recommend wasting even a dollar at a dollar theater for this one!

Reviewed by salsamivida 1 / 10

Dios mio.

I am a huge John Cena fan, so I'm not writing this just to pick on him. But "The Marine" is the worst film I've ever seen, and I've made a habit of seeing bad films.

*May contain SPOILERS* The short version: See John shoot. Shoot, shoot, shoot. See John run. BOOM! Run, John, run. See John drive. See John swim. Swim, swim, Boom! Run, swim, hit, BOOM, hit, hit, kiss - The end.

The long version: I'll skip the cheesy opening credits and the bizarre soundtrack (which at more than one point seems to be channeling Celine Dion). The movie was supposedly directed by one John Bonito; I wouldn't say that the movie was directed so much as it wandered along aimlessly, occasionally bumping into scenery. Even the scenery refused to "act" (Queensland, Australia is NOT South Carolina, Mr. Bonito). Mr. Cena ambles along through the famous jungles of "South Carolina," occasionally stopping to glance around, never conveying the slightest hint that he might actually be thinking something. Five minutes into the movie, I apologized to the friend I dragged along with me to see it. Ten minutes into it, I officially began imagining a completely different movie. By the end, I no longer cared who lived. I wouldn't have minded if the characters had simply begun shooting themselves, just so that we'd all be put out of our misery.

I wanted this to be a fun movie - I like a fun, cheesy action film as much as the next person - but this movie didn't even try. I was so disappointed ... Mr. Cena, you owe me $9.50!

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