The Wandering Earth


Drama / Sci-Fi

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Wu Jing as Liu Peiqiang
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jasonshuhezhang 6 / 10

The main characters suck.

I'm just going to be blunt here: The main characters suck. The main protagonists, a brother and a sister, are depthless and one dimensional. The sister literally spends 90% of her lines crying or shouting for someone to save her. The brother is arrogant and apparently a "genius", yet seems to have no redeeming qualities. Overall, the story and CGI are decent, but the characters leave much to be desired.

Reviewed by CJ_SciFi 9 / 10

Epic Science Fiction Movie

Just watched the IMAX 3D movie. Trust me, don't do it any other way. Imagine ten of thousands of fusion thrusters are pushing our planet away from a dying sun on a IMAX screen. The visual effect is impressive and goes well with the story. The story is not everyday Hollywood style: Superhero saves the day; everyone else is there to give a round of applause. This movie brings a serious question to the audience: What are you gonna do facing an unavoidable, irresistible disaster to our civilization? All characters in the movie are ordinary people and everyone gives their answer with shining humanity. Against all the odds no one gives in without a good fight. The chance of success is close to zero but they choose hope. All the efforts add up and make impossible nothing. It is a Sci-Fi fan's feast you dont want to miss.

Reviewed by wilsonny 10 / 10

both story and graphic are fantastic

This is so far the best scifi Chinese movie i have ever seen. Honestly speaking, this movie is far more better than similar hollywood movies. if you are not sinophobia and can accept mostly chinese (with subtitle), it will not not let you regret.

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