This Stuff'll Kill Ya!


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gweegweeisgood 7 / 10

A fun hillbilly semiogore film.... FROM HG LEWS!

This is fun little movie right here but it would have been an 8 or an 8.5 if it was about 80 minutes instead of 100. A couple scenes just drag on a little to long, and there are a few scenes which could have been taken out to make the film better. But even with the bad editing this is still a fun movie to watch. First we have hillbilly shenenigans. Crazy preachers selling whiskey to everyone, isiah weddings, car chases, moonshining. By now, after making 2000 maniacs and moonshine mountain, HG Lewis knew how film the hillbilly way. NExt we get some great hillbilly music. This might be blasphemy to some HG Lewis fans but I think the main song in this movie (one more swig of moonshine) is even better than the 2000 maniacs theme. The bassist for the band who plays the song looks like a retarded Mal Arnold (fuad ramses from blood feast). And finally, while not being a typical HG Lewis gore film, we get some cool scenes of violence. One of the better special effects in the entire HG lewis catalogue is in this film where a girl gets stoned (not that kind of stoned) and its brutally convincing. Probably the funniest scene in the film occurs near the end where ray Sager's head gets blown off. The explosion is so quick (maybe 3/10 of a second) but if you freeze frame or put it in slow motion you can actually see the mask they use to depict Sager's head, then you can see the styra foam head filled with blood and brains. a lesson in special effects.

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun (Hey_Sweden) 5 / 10

I shall drink of the spirit of the Lord!

This is a lesser Herschell Gordon Lewis picture that just isn't as much fun as his more celebrated features. It's a rednecks 'n' booze exploitation drama about a con artist named Roscoe Boone (Jeffrey Allen of "Two Thousand Maniacs!"), who fronts as a flamboyant preacher. He and his congregation actually take their liquor more seriously than their faith. The Feds (led by a glum looking Tim Holt of "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre", in his final feature film appearance) mean to shut his operation down, but he's not the kind of man to go down quietly. Meanwhile, in a minor plot thread, a few citizens are bloodily murdered (one by stoning, two by crucifixion).

This viewer would admit that he more readily enjoys the gore flicks of Mr. HGL. At least they have a better pace, and a more glorious go-for-broke attitude, as crude as they may be. This one simply goes on much too long, with too many scenes that drag. Allen gives it 100% as the loud talking Boone, but after a while the character loses a great deal of his charm. Even the killings are pretty restrained, compared to what we saw in the "Blood Trilogy". The main exception is the hilariously grisly denouement. The bad sound quality doesn't help any; coupled with the accents, it renders a fair bit of dialogue unintelligible. Fortunately, HGL composed a few songs for the occasion that are pretty catchy, especially "One More Swig of Moonshine".

It's a little dispiriting to see Mr. Holt having closed out his career like this, but the other performers do like they're having a good time. Giving "This Stuff'll Kill Ya!" great curiosity value is the presence of future Hollywood character actor Larry Drake, making his film debut as stuttering rube Bubba. Longtime HGL associate Ray Sager doesn't have a lot to do as the character Grady.

This is not something that this viewer would readily recommend, unless one is a real HGL completist.

Five out of 10.

Reviewed by Flixer1957 ([email protected]) 1 / 10

Good Ol' Mountain Madness Part II


H.G. Lewis fans weren't disappointed when they saw that this, his second moonshine movie, was every bit as corny, over-blown and downright bad as MOONSHINE MOUNTAIN (1964). Rotund Jeffrey Allen dominates the picture as Reverend Roscoe Boone; more than one writer has noticed similarities between Boone and Foghorn Leghorn. This backwoods man of the cloth has no problem with folks taking a drink, as long as it's provided by his own illegal corn likker racket. FBI agents and city slickers invade his territory which leads to enforced drunkenness, blackmail, death by stoning and a double crucifixion. The passage between the crucifixion and the final death by shotgun is real long and boring. Tim Holt, who once co-starred in TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE and other good movies, makes his final screen appearance as a G-man. He was reportedly fed up with Hollywood at this point, and THIS STUFF is about as far from Hollywood as one could get. Fans of DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW and DARKMAN will have no trouble spotting big Larry Drake in one of his earliest roles. After appearing in this flick, he couldn't help but go on to bigger and better things.

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